I have more than 20 years of international business experience.

I have an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA which is consistently rated one of the top business schools in the USA.

I was a management consultant for 17 years first for Arthur Andersen and then for Deloitte.  I worked for both these companies in London and Los Angeles.  I have worked for extensive period of time not only in Europe and the US, but Asia and the Middle East – especially in the UAE.

I enjoy leveraging my business experience in my political activities.  Too few politicians fully understand the business sector and even fewer grasp the power of technology and the internet.

Over the years I have worked for some of the world’s leading companies covering the entertainment, technology, media, retail, hospitality, leisure, travel & tourism, energy and public sectors.

I have increasingly specialised in the travel and tourism sector.  Thus in 2011, I took a new career path and joined Google as the Industry Head for Travel, based in London but serving clients across Europe and  beyond.