Meeting HotelshopUK in English Tourism Week

I was welcomed to HotelshopUK's offices to join them in supporting English Tourism Week,  a week that showcases visitor experiences in England and highlights the value of tourism to the economy. I met with MD Vivienne Findlay and some of her senior team to discuss the current trends and topics in the industry and hear some of the challenges faced by an SME.

I have got to know HotelshopUK and Viv Findlay over the past three years and have always been impressed by the enthusiasm, passion and drive of Viv and the rest of her team. There is an undoubted commitment to the industry and local area, particularly in their commitment to supporting local employment opportunities within the travel and tourism sector.

Tourism is England’s third largest employer, directly providing jobs for over 1.5m people and generating £85 billion a year for regional communities. Importantly, domestic and inbound tourism expenditure in England has increased by 25% over the last five years and is predicted to grow at around 8% in 2017. It is a crucial sector that I am proud to advocate and support.