New businesses at Blackminster Business Park

On Friday 16th November I had the pleasure of opening not just one, but three businesses at Blackminster Business Park -  Fast Tracks cafe, FibreHut and Pits, Pots and Patios. 

Fast Tracks cafe has been in the business park for some time but after a recent change in ownership, it has been given a thorough upgrade. As part of the refurbishment, new owner and former manager of the cafe Dee has added seating for colder months which will ensure that it remains an inviting venue for shoppers all year round. 

Fibrehut moved to Blackminster Business Park following success in Hockley Heath and already seems to be exceeding expectations. The shop sells weaving looms and spinning wheels as well as 'fibre' and wool for spinning, felting and weaving and after opening the store, I was able to sit and try one of the wheels out for myself! 

Pits, Pots and Patios is the owners' first venture into retail on their own behalf and they told me that Blackminster was an especially attractive site given the availability of free parking for shoppers and large retail space available. The shop sells innovative garden products and patio furniture and already has a good range of Christmas items available for those already doing their Christmas shopping! 

It was a real pleasure to visit and open some of the new shops and to meet the incredibly motivated and entrepreneurial business owners and I wish them all the very best of luck in their endeavours. Blackminster has thriving retail businesses offering a diverse range of products and services and in the face of increasing competition from the internet, Blackminster Park gives customers the opportunity to  search for some unique items with a personal and friendly service. It  is a lovely, atmospheric place to visit, with businesses set round pretty courtyards and restored brick buildings.  I have no doubt this Park will continue to thrive being attractive, easy to reach and offering such an unusual array of goods.