Question about the Youth Steering Group

Yesterday I welcomed the Government's net zero announcement, which will see Britain's contribution to climate change end by 2050. This announcement will safeguard our natural environment, improve air quality and promote clean-tech jobs, both in Worcestershire and across the country. Residents across Mid Worcestershire have called on the Government to do more to tackle climate change, so I am delighted about the announcement. By making this 2050 target the law, the Prime Minister has shown that the UK can, and will, meet the challenges of climate change.

Young people have played a huge role in keeping this issue at the top of the agenda, so I was especially pleased that a Youth Steering Group will be set up to support the Government meet its net zero target by providing feedback on its priorities for environmental action.

It is an issue I know that Young Conservatives have been vocal about, so I am looking forward to hearing more details about the steering group, which I hope could be implemented in other policy areas.