Statement on General Election Announcement

The Prime Minister has announced her intention to call a general election on June 8th. In accordance with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, a two thirds majority of MPs is required to approve the election. I support the Prime Minister’s justification for an election on the grounds of securing a mandate for the upcoming Brexit negotiations - and on this basis I will be voting in favour of an early election.


I am proud of the achievements of this Government: employment is at record levels; unemployment is at its lowest level for 45 years; over 3 million UK workers have been taken out of paying income tax altogether; and millions are benefitting from the national living wage. Government spending is at record levels, including on pensions, health and education. Whilst there is still more to do, I am confident that it is a Conservative government under the leadership of Theresa May that is best positioned to secure Britain’s future.


It has been an honour to serve as a Member of Parliament for the last 2 years and I hope to be able to continue to represent the interests of the people of Mid Worcestershire for many years to come.