Statement on upcoming General Election

Yesterday, after several previous attempts, Parliament finally voted to hold a General Election on Thursday 12 December.

I welcome this decision as an opportunity to break the current impasse in Parliament which has stifled progress on Brexit and a range of other important policy areas. I am aware that the appetite for another election is not great. However, over the last weeks and months we have continuously seen Opposition MPs stop, block and frustrate Brexit. 

Whether they voted remain or leave, the vast majority of my constituents tell me they want us to get on and deliver Brexit.  The length of time the process has taken has frustrated many people and they are understandably running out of patience with a parliament that keeps allowing delays.  The Conservative party, while the largest party in Parliament, does not have a majority and therefore opposition parties can combine to oppose anything the government puts forward.  I’m hopeful that this election will be an opportunity for the Conservatives to win a majority and finally deliver on our promise to respect the decision made by the British public in 2016.  It is time for us to get the deal through Parliament and then also put more focus on our domestic agenda and the matters that my constituents also really care about like health, education, transport and infrastructure.

I look forward to the opportunity to get out and about in the constituency in the coming weeks, listening to the views of my constituents, and hearing about their hopes and ambitions for the next government.