The Queen's Speech

The Queen was in Westminster on Wednesday to officially open the new Parliament and outline the Government’s upcoming agenda with her Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords.

Finsbury Park terror attack

I am deeply saddened by the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park and my thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected. 

Grenfell Tower fire

The whole country is in shock about the horrific Grenfell Tower fire and my thoughts and prayers remain with those affected by this terrible tragedy.

Swearing the Oath of Allegiance

On Wednesday 14th June I swore an oath of allegiance to the Crown. This process – known as ‘swearing in’ – dates back to the Promissory Oaths Act of 1868 and all Members of the House of Commons are required to participate before they can take their seats in Parliament.

Wonderful bank holiday weekend in Worcestershire

It was a wonderful bank holiday weekend in Worcestershire.  The weather may not have been perfect, but the County was at its best with a whole series of festivals and events taking place. 

April Report

Due to the upcoming General Election, Parliament will be dissolved at midnight on 2nd May.

I tell technology companies to do more to tackle inappropriate content online

I took part in the debate on the Digital Economy Bill in Parliament this week.  The Bill was the last significant piece of legislation to be passed in this Parliament and covered a range of initiatives including a commitment to enable everyone in the country to have decent access to broadband and