Our Unsung Heroes

Our care workers and community leaders are doing an incredible job to keep us safe and keep our communities going whilst we tackle COVID-19. But I know there are countless other unsung heroes who are all playing their part to help each other and strengthen the sense of community we have in our local area.

These heroes are the business owners who have offered much needed supplies to be delivered to foodbanks, the neighbours who reach out to the elderly and isolated - and they are the local community groups who have coordinated efforts to help out at our time of need. 

I'm so proud and grateful for our community's response to this virus, and so many people’s selfless desire to help those in need. Our Unsung Heroes is a way for us all to recognise those in the area who have gone above and beyond to help others.

If you know of people who are doing extraordinary things to help others, this shouldn’t go unnoticed: we want to hear about them. Please fill in the form below and let us know about your unsung hero - let us celebrate them.

Our Unsung Heroes

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