My work and positions on the environment and climate change

Lots of organisations now choose to do their lobbying by identical mass email and the amount of emails of this nature has increased significantly in recent months.  I hope you can appreciate that I am not always able to respond to all mass campaign based emails individually.

On these pages you can read my responses to some of the most popular recent email campaigns and also my thoughts on other major themes in my inbox.  

Of course, if you have any personal comments or specific concerns that you would like to raise with me then please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will endeavour to respond to these queries as soon as possible.

See Also

COP26 Petition

Climate change is a serious and pressing concern. I know that many Mid Worcestershire residents care deeply about our environment. The UK has a leading role to play in tackling climate change. However, this also needs urgent attention from the Governments of the world.

Environment Bill

Some constituents have been in touch about the Environment Bill asking me to put forward suggestions to a member of the Environment Committee in order to strengthen the Environment Bill.