Supporting Local Pubs

I recently received an award for backing the campaign “Long Live the Local”. I joined other MPs in supporting Britain’s national drink backed up by the Government freezing duty on beer, cider and spirits for another year, saving people 2p on every pint and 30p on a bottle of Scotch or gin.

Comment on calls for a second referendum

I have been consistently clear that I do not support having another vote on the UK’s membership of the EU at this time and my view remains unchanged.

Flybmi collapse

I was saddened this week by the news that small airline Flybmi has collapsed and cancelled all flights. The airline carried over 500,000 passengers last year and many have been left stranded abroad or with ruined travel plans.

Article in 'The Telegraph'

As Conservatives, we constantly have to put up with being smeared by those on the Left who associate us with tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts and austerity.

Education Secretary Announces Increase in School Funding

Education Secretary Justine Greening today announced what she described as “the biggest improvement in the school funding system for well over a decade” in a statement to the House of Commons. She said that £1.3 billion would be added to the core schools budget in both 2018/19 and 2019/20.

Meeting HotelshopUK in English Tourism Week

I was welcomed to HotelshopUK's offices to join them in supporting English Tourism Week,  a week that showcases visitor experiences in England and highlights the value of tourism to the economy.