Speeches in Parliament

Speech on fairer parking

I was in the House of Commons on Friday 23rd November to speak in a debate on the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, which was in its final stages in the Commons before being passed for consideration to the House of Lords.

Speech on fairer funding for Worcestershire

In last week’s Budget debates, I made the case for a fairer distribution of funding across the country for public expenditure. I focused in particular on the deficit in funding experienced in rural areas such as his constituency of Mid Worcestershire, especially with regard to education and healt

Grandchildren's access to grandparents debate

On Wednesday 2nd February I led a parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall on grandchildren’s access rights to their grandparents and the full transcript of the debate is available here.

Speech on upgrading the Cotswold Line

On Wednesday 28th March, I contributed to a parliamentary debate on upgrades to the Cotswold Line. 

The debate had been called by Robert Courts MP whose Witney constituency is also served by the Cotswold Line and Harriett Baldwin MP was also in attendance.