Statement on Additional Police Funding

I warmly welcome the announcement that West Mercia Police has been given additional financial investment by the Government to recruit an extra 93 police officers next year.

It is great news that an additional 93 West Mercia Police officers will be on Worcestershire's streets and countryside from next year.

We all want to see more police officers  helping keep our communities safe, which is  why I am also pleased that officer numbers for West Mercia Police have recently hit a seven-year high. It was  Overall the force is to gain an additional 176 police officers by the end of the year. Looking to the years ahead, I very much hope West Mercia receives its fair share of the additional 20,000 police officers that are now being recruited enabling West Mercia and its Police and Crime Commissioner to put even more police on the beat.

The extra funding is part of the Government’s pledge to recruit 20,000 extra police officers over the next three years.

West Mercia and other police forces around the country will receive further funding over the coming years to complete the recruitment drive.