Nigel Night

On Saturday I celebrated with hundreds of my namesake to break the world record attempt for the having the largest gathering of people named Nigel and Nigella in one place.

The event was held at The Fleece Inn Pub in Evesham and was set up by landlord Nigel Smith after statistics show as few as three babies were named Nigel in 2016.

‘Nigel Night’ quickly went viral and appeared in national newspapers including The Times and the evening ended up being attended by Nigel’s and Nigella’s from as far away as Australia.

Following Nigel Night, in which the record was indeed broken, I wanted to congratulate the landlord, Nigel Smith - who already holds so many events and functions at the Fleece - for this additional innovation. I am glad to have been able to come along, meet other Nigel’s and break the world record with them.

I am always supportive of businesses in my constituency and local pubs too, although I think I’ll be forgiven for looking particularly favourably on The Fleece Inn and championing their Nigel Night. This event gave me a good excuse to spend another evening in one of my favourite local pubs!

In total 432 Nigel’s - from seven months old to 80 - were at the Nigel Night.