Question on Education Funding

Today, during Prime Ministers Questions, I asked for assurances from the Prime Minister that education and skills funding will receive priority attention in the upcoming Spending Review, which gives a five-year view of the Government's spending plans and sets the maximum amount that each department can spend.

I asked the Prime Minister whether she agreed that education was essential for unlocking opportunities and enabling social mobility. It was during Margaret Thatcher's premiership that myself and many others became convinced that the Conservative Party is the party of opportunity and aspiration.

This question continues my campaign for a fairer funding model for schools in Mid Worcestershire, which eliminates historical imbalances and the postcode lottery in school funding. Schools in rural areas receive lower levels of funding than those in urban areas, and whilst the initial roll-out of the new National Funding Formula has helped rebalance disparities in the old system, some issues remain. Since entering Parliament I have consistently argued for more investment in education and skills funding, and I believe it is a core responsibility of Government to enable our children to reach their full potential. Investment in their education is key to this.

I was the first in my family to go to university and the first person from my from my comprehensive school to go to Oxford. I believe these educational opportunities enabled me to go on to have a successful business career, and I want every young person to have similar chances - whether through university, an apprenticeship, or another route.

Today also marks #NationalNumeracyDay, and events have been taking place across the country to sharpen peoples' numeracy skills and build their confidence with numbers.